The secret is in the human touch

Welcome to the creative revolution of tea!

Founded by award-winning singer Jam Hsiao, AtTea dares to be different not just in our drinks and brand presentation.

From our unique decor and design, to our special blend of flavours, AtTea provides an experience that not only
excites your sense of taste, scent and sight, but also elevates your sense of pride.



Our tea leaves are carefully handpicked from selected regions in Taiwan.

To retain the inherent flavors and fragrances, each batch of our tea leaves goes through several steps of fermentation, roasting, and blending under the supervision of a tea master. We believe our tea provides you with a unique experience thanks to the At Tea training program supplied to our baristas.

Our drinks are made-to-order to ensure the best freshness of every At Tea cup.



Our fresh milk comes from free-range grazing dairy cows in New Zealand.

These pasture-fed free-range cows produce some of the best milk in the world.

Thanks to New Zealand’s temperate climate, cows there can graze outdoors all year round. The abundance of clean water and grasslands results in fresh milk which is flavourful, high in calcium and protein. Similarly, the imported fresh milk undergoes stringent FDA inspections to ensure that food safety requirements are met.

Just rich and real dairy goes into every cup of At Tea.


Hand shaken: It is arguably the best way to enjoy tea.

Our tea crafters ensure every ingredient is blended evenly and thoroughly.

Even as the food and beverage industry shifts toward automation, we still believe that it can never replace the human touch for this critical aspect of mixology. With each sip, this smooth, refreshing blend produces an exciting hand-shaken tea experience.

As a result, each handcrafted cup of At Tea has a satisfying feel that awakens the senses.